Upgrading from 2.x to 3.x

Since WPSS began in 2010, the plugin and WordPress itself have gone through many changes and revisions. To make these new and exciting features work best for you, we had to restructure the plugin's code base and database structure. Unlike previous updates, WPSS 3.0 will not be backwards compatible with earlier versions. This necessary change means a little extra work for you, but we'll make sure you don't get left behind. Visit our support page and read below to begin your transition to the new and improved WordPress Simple Survey plugin.

  • To fully migrate to WordPress 3.0, you will have to setup your quizzes, questions, and answers again. With the new extended version, you can add free-text.
  • If you update to the 3.0 version from the 2.0 version, you will lose access to your current data in the WordPress admin. Visit the WPSS support page to learn how to gain access to your old data.
  • Still want to use the old WPSS (v. 2.2.9)? No problem. You can continue to use the old plugin, ask questions and get support; however, no new development will be merged into the old versions of WPSS.
  • If you've mistakenly updated to the new WPSS free version, you can re-download WPSS 2.2.9 here: Last 2.x Branch Version - 2.2.9
  • If you need a copy of the old 2.x extended branch files, please open a support ticket and give the email address you used to purchase the extended version with Paypal or a Paypal transaction ID.
  • You can also use a tool like phpMyAdmin to gain access to your old data. The new branch of the plugin uses different tables.

Using phpMyAdmin to retrieve old data


The database tables hold all the data for the plugin:

  • wpss_Answers
  • wpss_Fields
  • wpss_Questions
  • wpss_results
  • wpss_Routes

Once the 3.x branch is installed, deactivated, and re-activated, the new tables are appended with "_30"


You can simple export the wpss_results table to save a backup copy.

Note: the old results table structure is not compatible with the new one, do not try to import old data into the new table.


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