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    Does the extended version have the ability to have an answer with option text?

    For example I want to set up questions with the following answers:
    Other (with field to enter answer)

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    Yana Gild

    Yep, we use it =)

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    Christopher Davidson-Rose


    I am evaluating the free version at the moment - can you tell me whether the following is supported in the extended version.

    I have a survey comprising of 35 questions - Can I group questions together to get separate scores, rather than one overall score. For instance, can my 35 questions be grouped by 5 and get 7 separate scores at the end?



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    Koen Huybrechts


    We're evaluating this plugin and have a question.

    We would like to create a survey of ±20 questions. The result of all the questions, is a certain percentage for 3 parameters.
    For example: You are 20% banana, 45% apple 35% pear.

    Is this possible?

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    Hector Martinez

    I'm interested of getting the extended version of this plugin , and I'm wondering if it is translatable to other languages. It can be set up in spanish language? or It is compatible with WPML?

    Thanks in advance

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    Safder Jafri

    Hi, I want to purchase extended version

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