How do I make the quiz show up in my content?

Add the string: [wp_simple_survey id="1"] to a page or post.

How are results tracked?

You have the option to store the results for each quiz. The full results (including the question and answer text) are stored in your database. If you later make changes to the questions or answers, the previous results are still stored with the questions and answers unchanged.

I don't want the user to be immediately directed to the end page. How can I create a buffer page? 

Create a buffer page. Instead of linking a score range to the end page, send users to a buffer page that explains their scores. Include a link to the end page from that buffer page.

What type of quizzes can I create?

The plugin is most commonly used in two ways: quizzes and surveys.

Quiz-Type: Route users to either a "Passing" or "Failing" page.

Survey-Type: Route users to a custom URL based on their score range.

Note: Both quizzes and surveys can be set up to record user email addresses. The ability to collect contact information means you can use the plugin in creative ways. A college professor can easily record the students who passed or failed. Market researchers can email potential customers based on their survey responses, etc.

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