Custom Layouts

New after updating to the Extended and 1.4.0 Free versions of the Easy Restaurant Menu Manager Plugin.

Adding a custom layout to your Easy Restaurant Menu manager is fairly straightforward!

Open views/layouts.php and add your layout name and safe_name to the $layouts array.

Add a line that looks like:

$layouts[] = array( 'name => 'Vegetarian Item Layout', 'safe_name' => 'vegetarian_item_layout' );

Open views/view.items.php and add your custom layout function using the other layout functions as your guide.
Name the function using the format: wprmm_view_{layout safe name}.

For example,

functions wprmm_view_vegetarian_item_layout( $category, $items ){

That’s it!! This can give you extra control when you need something more custom that what CSS can offer. Also, to prevent your custom layout from being wiped out upon plugin update, you will probably want to define the function in your theme or keep a backup.

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