Installing the Extended Version

The upgrade process is simple!

Make a site and database backup.

After purchase, use an FTP client or equivalent, and delete any existing Simple QR Code Creator Widget plugin folders. Overwriting the files will not work.

Upload the new plugin folder into the WordPress plugins folder, all without losing settings and data.

Then, Deactivate and Re-Activate the plugin, to process any database migrations.

Issues Some People Have

Multiple Plugin folders

When trying to upload “simple-qr-code-creator-widget” folder over an existing “simple-qr-code-creator-widget” folder, some FTP programs will see that the two folders have the same name and it will append a character or number to the new folder and stick it next to the free version. WordPress sees two plugins with the same name, and executes the first one (the free version). This is where a number of people have gotten stuck (and even irate). This is similar to copying a file in a folder on your computer and then pasting the same file into the same folder. What happens? Either your computer will create a copy but give the second copy a modified name, or the computer asks whether you want to overwrite the current file with the copy or cancel the action altogether. In this case, the parent folder is “~/wp-content/plugins/” and the plugin folder name is “simple-qr-code-creator-widget” and the answer is “Yes, overwrite the current folder.” If you install the Extended version, and do not have access to the new features, this is your problem. Also note, for the extended version it is required that you first delete any existing simple-qr-code-creator-widget folders and upload a fresh copy of the extended version files.

Where’s my file?

Sometimes the automated email containing the downloadable file will get lost, or spammed. If this happens, check your spam folder first, but post here and we will send you the file directly. Make sure you use the email address you purchased with when posting.

The plugin freezes when I click generate.

Some hosting platforms are just slow and generation takes a while. Make sure you are using a legitimate hosting platform.

There are a few database changes across the different versions. If the new columns are not created in the database the plugin will freeze. Make sure you Deactivate and then Activate the plugin after you upgrade.

I get a “headers already sent” warning on activation.

Depending on your setup, you may get this warning. The database structures are sent through the WordPress dbDelta() function which is sometimes producing this error. It can be ignored.

Installing the Free Version

Installing WordPress Simple QR Code Cretor Widget in WordPress is simple.
See, if you have never installed a WordPress plugin before.

Make sure your WordPress uploads folder is writable by the server.

Upload the extended version directly over the free version's files.

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