Getting Started

Click on “Surveys/Quizzes” in the left-hand sidebar of your WordPress admin. The “Options” link is where you can manage items like email notifications for each quiz; this lets you customize the email that staff receives when a student takes a quiz, as well as the email the student receives.

The “Routes” link shows the page students are sent to after either passing or failing the quiz. You can edit these pages in the “Page” section as you would any normal page. This section also lets you set the passing grade. For example, if a student needs to get 40 questions correct to pass, the Fail route should apply if they score 0 to 39, while Pass would be anything higher than that.

The “Fields” link is where you can choose what information to ask quiz takers when they submit their quiz. You probably want to at least ask for email address and name.

Click on the edit link under “Questions” to add, remove or update questions.

A note about answer weights: This system allows you to give a weight to each question. For quiz purposes, it’s best to give a 0 weight to all wrong answers and a 1 weight to correct answers. This will allow you to set the route based on how many questions a student got right. But the weight system would allow you to create something like a personality quiz where each question has a value, and the results are given based on a range of values.

Add a new question: Click the “Add New Question” button then enter the text of the question. Note that you can add photos and other rich media to the question. The question will default to “Only Allow One Answer” (which is what you want in most circumstances). If you want this question to appear in a certain place in the quiz, give it a value. Lower numbers display first. Make sure to click the “Create Question” button before adding answers. Click “Add New Answer.” Enter the text of the answer, then give the answer a weight (either 1 or 0). Again, you can set the order for questions by entering a number in this box. Click “Create Answer.” Repeat until all answers have been set for this question.

Edit an existing question: Find the question you want to change, and click the edit link in the table next to it. The question text is found at the top of the page. Note that you can add photos and other rich media to the question. If you edit this area, make sure to click the “Update Question” button before editing answers. Existing answers are found below the question. For each answer you can edit the value/text, the order in which it displays (lower numbers come first) and its weight. You need to click “Update Answer” before returning to the question page if you make any changes here.

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